Engineering Services
• Mechanical Design
• Electronic Design
• Simulations & Virtual Validation
Fully equipped Sensor R&D Lab
• Proof of concept up to series level prototypes
• Electronic assembly and testing
• Calibration services
• Full sensor characterization, calibration and testing
• Environmental testing
Manufactu­ring Services
• Design for Manufacturing Expertise
• Contract manufacturing/Build to Print
• Manual to fully automated manufacturing
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Advanced Technologies is an engineering consultancy which offers a wide variety of competencies and services within the sensor technology domain. Our team of sensor experts have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the design, development and industrialization of sensors for a range of applications from automotive to industrial & agricultural. Together with our strategic manufacturing partners we offer an unparalleled expertise in taking a sensor from proof of concept to high volume serial production.

We Measure:

Sensor Technologies

At our core we are specialists in magnetic sensing technologies however wherever possible we choose the most suitable complimentary technologies for an application’s needs and to achieve the cost performance targets of our customers.

Magneto – Mechanical (Passive)

Magneto­striction (Active)

Magnetic Hall


Optical / IR

Capacitive / Eddy Current